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The Comedy Back-Catalogue


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UPDATE: Well good grief. You've cleared out everything apart from the remaining copies of Indie Comedy Mag 3. Let's call it a quid for that and I'll also chuck in a nice greeting card that is also on it's way to the recycling bin, eh?

We're moving house. I have a cupboard full of self-published comedy zines, and I don't want to pack them with us. Everything I don't sell before the move is going in the recycling. This is very much your last chance to own some slightly dated and very niche comedy illustration fun.

There's hundreds of comedians and shows featured across all of these, and the mags have really good (if probably a bit dated) writing from loads of people, so honestly if you went to Mach or Edinburgh between 2017-2019 and like alternative comedy, there'll be something in there for you. It's a fiver, take a gamble or forever hold your peace.

I'll update the listing and drop the price accordingly if any of the titles run out (I'd be surprised tbh, there's absolutely loads in the cupboard).