Hauntings (book)


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Hauntings is a collection of 9 short autobiographical ghost story comics about living, walking, and running in and around the City of Bath (apart from one which is set in Finland in the past). The comics were originally published at patreon.com/LiseRichardson and are still available to read by pledgers there.

Lise Richardson is an illustrator who likes big hills and walking the dog, who is called Freija.

It is 92 pages in length, and is printed on recycled paper throughout. It is 14.8cm in size. If you're not sure if you'd like it, you can read the first three stories for free on Twitter (they are in this thread): https://twitter.com/LiseRichardson/status/1309873988345176065 or Instagram at @liserichardsonart

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